New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 The unbroken flame comes

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The unbroken flame comes Empty
PostSubject: The unbroken flame comes   The unbroken flame comes EmptyThu Feb 17 2011, 14:02

Dark hooves hit the ground as she moved through the lands towards the place that going to be her home now. She was pleased though, knowing where she had to go really. It was a place that certainly called to het at the moment, and when she had been free before, she had once tread the same path from Alaknada to Faoi Thronchai, though at the time Cadifor had not even known of her being here. She was a good horse though, and now she was going to one of the lands that had been liked by her in her travels before.

Cadifor had won her easily, it seemed, for no one else had thought to help her get away from the man who did not even care about her. To that man she'd been but a lure for the wild horses, one with which to capture them. Now though, he had lost his little prize and she was never going to go back that way. There was nothing left to her in the world of men, she knew that. She cared not though that she was going to be busy one day eventually in this land. She felt safe with the tall horse beside her that was now her leader.

Flammetanzer was completely at ease here, though she knew that his help was something she would never forget. Now as they crossed into his lands, she smiled, for she recognised them.
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The unbroken flame comes
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