New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Immortal Flame

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Name: Immortal Flame

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Thoroughbred

Gender: Male

Description: The stag has a stockier build than most Thoroughbreds. He has very strong legs and a very defined neck. The brute has slightly high withers and more hind quarters than the average Thoroughbred. The stag is a black-bay with black black points on the legs. He has a black mane and tail with a few highlights. He also has the brand "82" on his shoulder.

Height: 17

History: Flame was the victim of human cruelty. He was always told to run faster at his life on the track, branded and all. Flame's problem was not with racing though. Although he hated it, it was a known fact by all that his bloodlines proved that he should be fast. Every day, he put in a half hearted effort, enraging his trainer to the point of screaming. One day while tacking up, Flame wouldn't stand still, so his trainer, out of pure fury at Flame's slow times, took a stable board and hit him in the face with it. Unfortunately, that board had a nail sticking out of it, and that stuck him in his left eye, blinding him. His owner deemed him more unworthy than ever and dumped him on the side of an interstate. He ran to the woods and was never seen again. On his travels, he came upon many beautiful lands, but none felt like home. No family was found there. He never had known any family other than his dam, who he only had faint memories about. Flame hopes that someplace will feel like home, but it's always a bet, an undecided answer. To get his vision fixed, he visited Ceelena, who healed him with no questions asked but she made a comment about what he daughter was thinking. Flame thought she was pretty and soon saw Illusion again in Alaknanda. They became lovers, and Immortal Flame decided to spend his life by her side in Abhilasha.

Personality: Through it all, Flame has tried to be perfect through his blindness. Many a mare would love him, but he never returned the feeling. He was thought of as cold and non feeling, but more emotion was occurring below the surface than could ever be imagined. He guesses that he will never be a lead stallion of any herd unless his blindness goes away. If a stallion approached him on the left side, he would have no idea and die. Flame wants the best life for the mare he will love and the foals to be. He's very kind and forgiving at heart and could never hate anyone.

Image (optional): Immortal Flame Thoroughbred
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Immortal Flame
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