New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 The birth of Power.

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The birth of Power. Empty
PostSubject: The birth of Power.   The birth of Power. EmptyTue Feb 08 2011, 16:46

Wide and slightly wobbly, the beautiful gray arabian mare made her way to the place where every equine in the kingdom made a spectacle of giving birth. The load she was carrying felt rather large, much larger than a normal foal and she couldn't help but hope that she would give birth to a monster, a powerful beast that would take her to the top as he or she conquered the world. But alas, she was a purely mortal arab, and there was nothing she could do the change it.

After having walked quite a ways, her legs felt as if they would give, and her contractions were growing worse by the minute. The pain was bearable, and she believed it to be pleasant, for pain was always her favorite form or torture. Caligo was a bit twisted when it came to her thinking processes. There really wasn't much that bothered her, but there was a lot that she wouldn't put up with.

A swift kick to the inside of her gut let her know that it was time. She steadied her self to the ground and let the contractions take over, steadying her breathing and pushing when she needed to. For a first-timer, she felt like she had the knowledge as if she had birthed ten foals before this.

To her surprise, after the foal arrived, her contractions continued. She reached around to clean off her first foal and then had to lay back down to push out a second. Twins! She thought in exasperation. That bastard Frenzy is going to pay for this. I only wanted one!

The second arrived and she stood, slowly, to clean each of them off perfectly. They were both fillies, and they both had some interesting marking. The one that was born first was mostly white, but had patterns she had never seen before. There were red lines attaching at her lips and seeming to extend her mouth all the way to her ears. It appeared to be a necklace pattern around her neck, and there were red and black diamonds on her knees. Her eyes were black.

The second filly, the younger one, only by a minute or so, is slate gray, with the beginnings of a neon blue horn coming from her forehead. She also has neon blue eyes, like her father, and the pattern along her withers looks almost as if she were a cracked rock, with neon blue shining through.

Caligo was starstruck. How did she manage to produce two incredibly patterned fillies? She was normal, Frenzy was not. The foals should be half-and-half, correct? Unless Frenzy is so powerful, and so full of energy that he caused them both, as well as causing them to be twins.

The mother snorted. "Poisoned Joker," she said to her white filly. "Djinn," she said to her dark gray. They would be wonderful, and cunning, and sadistic, just like their mother, but without the gene of being a whore, she hoped.

The birth of Power. Jokerking-1
Poisioned Joker

The birth of Power. Djinn_as_Foal_by_bakaryuuchan

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The birth of Power.
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