New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Back where I belong (Phantom)

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Back where I belong (Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: Back where I belong (Phantom)   Back where I belong (Phantom) EmptySun Feb 06 2011, 11:49

He snorted softly smiling as he entered the Haven of Peace again. He held his head up proudly, eyes wide he looked at it. He wondered if the stallion that had been here had done any damage. All he could was hope that he hadn't. He was just glad that the stallion that stole the land back for him would be happy with just being beta stallion. He pranced around quite happy with himself, He would always be grateful towards the stallion that stole back his land for him. He reared already hating the old scent of the stallion that had stolen away his land from him.

He walked on trying not to think about it knowing it will only get him mad about it. He knew he had to work on it his temper and all, he knew some day that he would lose it. He knew everyone had their flaws or something. He of course had his, not that he wanted to have them. He was also stubborn and that was most of what he hated of himself. He should be happy with himself, He had gotten what he wanted, Love. It was what he had always wanted since he was a colt.

He had a Queen and another mare, enough to make his life complete. He whinnied loudly announcing that he was there. He marked the Territory with his Scent once again. This time no one would be capable of taking his land. He would make sure of it he simply could not have it. With a snort he waited for Isil to show up. Hopefully it would be soon he thought he couldn't wait to see her again. He was in love believe it or not and Isil was his Queen. He was sure she would make a good one too.
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Back where I belong (Phantom)
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