New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Nadav   Nadav EmptySat Jan 29 2011, 13:43

Name: Nadav

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: American Paint Horse x Freisian Sport Horse

Gender: Stallion

Description: Nadav is a classic gray stallion whose color gets darker as you move closer to the top of his back. He has a short black mane and a long flowing black tail that reaches down past his hocks. Nadav has light dappling that mainly shows in the summer time but is faintly visible in the winter. He has a double stripe on his face(look at picture) that comes down to make a snip on his nose. He has four stockings, one of his back ones coming up to his hind quarters and belly. Nadav has a mask of white on his chest and four tan hooves. Both of his eyes are bright blue.

Height: 17hh

History: Nadav had a pretty normal childhood, growing up in Vernien En Seere with both of his parents alive and well. Initially, his father got weak for a while, and young Nadav thought they were going to lose him, but he got better over time and has lived to see him through three years. He has always dreamed of taking on his father's role as Beta King when he passed, but now, he wants to explore. Nadav won't stray far from home, and he will probably find a home on the coast, if not in his first home.

Personality: Nadav is a strong and king soul - he wouldn't hurt a fly. He has a very laid back personality, much like his mother and father before him. For being so young, he knows the ways of the world very well from his chats with a local wolf. He has an old, wise head on young shoulders, so to speak. Nadav doesn't go seeking out trouble and won't fight unless he absolutely has to. Overall, he is a good friend and a good leader.

Parents: Blood Diamond and Sigaf

Image (optional): Nadav Fas_aldobrandino_by_noblestallion-d3545va
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