New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Nadav!! Evanthe!! Where are you!!

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Nadav!! Evanthe!! Where are you!! Empty
PostSubject: Nadav!! Evanthe!! Where are you!!   Nadav!! Evanthe!! Where are you!! EmptyTue Mar 26 2013, 19:57

The tall white she wolf hurried through the coastal land, searching for two of the children of Sorrel and Sigaf. She knew that Thryza went to search out Gloria in Charmed Heaven while she found those who were there. She knew she had terrible news for the two of them, but Sarabi knew she had to get the word out as soon as she could.

“Nadav! Evanthe! Where are you?” she called loudly as she continued to search for them both. She mnust not stop looking until they were found.
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Nadav!! Evanthe!! Where are you!!
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