New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Aonar Ciunas Rules

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PostSubject: Aonar Ciunas Rules   Aonar Ciunas Rules EmptyTue Jan 11 2011, 17:56

.:General Rules:.

- Must respect the authority of the king at all times
- In my absence, the queen will rule
- Must respect all members of the herd
- Must sleep in the caves at night because of the danger of the nearby land Danger Gully

.:The King:.

- Takes no commands

.:The Queen:.

- Rules right under the king
- Is allowed to make key decisions about the herd
- May not be challenged
- Must breed once every three years or less


- May not force any mare. May only breed if she wants them to
- May not touch the king's mares
- May not make alliances without approval
- May choose their herd members as they choose
- Must respect all powers above them
- May come and go as they please
- Must say if they are leaving the lands
- May challenge each other for the position of beta or gamma; may not challenge the king


- Must undergo fight training
- May stay in the land in a sub herd after three
- Must leave at three and begin finding mares
- May speak with fillies and play before three years
- May challenge anyone but the king
- May not force the fillies of the herd
- May leave before three if they have a particular training place to go to


- Must undergo defensive training
- May leave at three years with permission
- May join a sub herd in Aonar
- May challenge any queen but the king's
- May leave before three under special circumstances

If these rules are not followed, they are punishable by banishment or worse.
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Aonar Ciunas Rules
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