New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Law of the Lands

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PostSubject: Law of the Lands    Law of the Lands  EmptyTue Jan 04 2011, 17:13

New Rules are in Green
Rules are in White
Rules trying out are in Purple

Rules are always changing and being added, please check in here to see what is new, or you might get in trouble!


- Cussing is allowed in character, but keep it contained, so no sailors please!!!
- Respect others to gain respect.
- Wait to be accepted after creating a new horse/wolf, before you start writing.
- No stealing html, pics, etc. If using a picture for a character, put the original link as well.
- The administrator's word is final.
- Do not put down another player.
- Power playing/godmoding is allowed but not too much otherwise it is unfair, unless it says in a board that it is not allowed. Eg.Bimbisaar Grounds
- You cannot steal, raid, or challenge a stallion whose player is on the away list (look for list in the ‘away for awhile’ board)
- You can have as many characters as you want, but remember you have to remember them all. All characters must be shown in the HERD STATUS board. For examples, look at Kanchana’s status.
- Do not advertise anything in the chat box; enter it in the board just for that.
- You can have what lands you want, but if there is a living horse or wolf already ruling one, you'll have to fight him or her for it..
- At the end of every month Kanchana will go through all the posts and posts that have not been posted in for over 3 weeks will be put in the Old Times board, unless your name is in the Away list. This does not include character profiles. To help her out, please write -end post- at the end of each finished thread, so that she knows that it can go.
- Posts must be at least 50 words. But try and keep them above 100.


Creating Your Characters

- Please check the taken names list and make sure the name you want is not taken already.
- You must wait for a mods to consent your character before you play (I know it’s a pain, but it must happen)
- Can have odd colours, just no green and purple horse okay…
- Feel free to have 17hh pure Arabians or 5hh Gypsy Vanners, this is fine!


Activity/The Away List

- If you can get on for at least ten minutes every three days (long enough to block sneaks/check challenges) then you should not be on the away list. If we notice you are on the list and are on that often you will be removed from the list.

- If you are on the away list for more than three weeks then any territories and positions your characters hold may be revoked (if somebody shows interest in them then they can claim them if you've been gone for that long).

- A territory must have one post (whether it’s by the lead stallion, a mare, an outsider, etc) every two weeks to be considered active.

- Any territories inactive for more the 4 weeks can be claimed.



- We won't hesitate to give verbal warnings to people. If somebody constantly breaks the rules banning is a possibility. We won't hesitate to forcibly make you quit a certain character if you constantly break the rules with them.

- If you steal html, a character, etc. you are banned on your first offense. Just put the site you found it, just to show that you are giving credit to the creator.

- If you break the minor rules you will get multiple chances; do them repeatedly and you will be given a final warning. If you don’t follow it you’re banned.

Banning can be from 3 weeks to 3 years. The admin will be the ultimate judge of that.


Horses/Wolves In General

- Must always follow the rules of the land they are living in/visiting.
- Only Stallions/Pack Alpha's or their leads can set these rules
- Horses all mature at age three.
- Wolves all mature at the age of 1-2



- May only own one territory each (others can sub-herd including wolves)
- Can have unlimited mares.
- Chooses herd details and whether they accept betas, gammas, etc.
- When in any land other than your own, you must follow that lands rules.
- Cannot be geldings.(Unless special permission has been given)
- When they have land or are sub-herding they must post their herd in the Herd Stats board, every time they get a new member.

Brutes (Male Wolves)

- May only own one territory each (others can sub-herd including horses)
- Mate for life, but can have a pack which includes severals pairs, but only one male can be the Alpha, and the other males are of lower rank (alph chooses who stays and who goes).
- When in any land other than your own, you must follow that lands rules.
- When they have land or are sub-herding they must post their herd in the Herd Stats board, every time they get a new member.



- When first joined/free, they can go to any place they wish.
- They cannot own a terra, but can run it with a stallion if he says so. (Few exceptions, but only with permission for Kanchana)
- Must go with whatever stallion that claims them. If a mare is fought for, she must go with the stallion that wins, but she can try and fight for her freedom on the battle board, but because she is a mare, she will lose points before it already starts.

- When first joined they are free to go where they wish (lands may have rules though).
- They cannot own a terra, unless their mate owns one. Which makes her the second in command (Few exceptions, but only with permission for Kanchana)

Stats For Foals and Pups

- Foal and pups genders are choosen by a coin toss. You MUST post in the coin toss board of we can chose the gender for the foal/pups. Every now and then a mod will chose a random post in the board and her foal will be born with a defect e.g. blind when this happens the owner of the mare gets to chose from three options and whatever she chooses will happen. Stats are permanent (except for age). Do not lose or change them.



- We have breeding seasons, but you can breed whenever. But it's not realistic. Horses here are pregnant for three seasons, so it is advised to breed during late summer or autumn so that the foal is born during the warmer seasons when he has a better chance of survival. Of course, you can also breed during winter and spring, but foals sired then will be born during one of the cold seasons and will have a very small chance of survival. It is the same for wolves, though the larger the litter there would be less chance of them all suriving. Though, this will be chosen by the mod.

So, in coin toss Kanchana shall say chance of survival in some form or way. This is where it might help to ask nicely.

-You must wait at least 3 days after breeding before giving birth.
- Can be graphic (if so, give a warning in the subject title if there is to be graphic breeding e.g. G-for graphic.)
- Breeding from willing partners (both sides agree, ic or ooc) results in a foal/pup if it’s done during the breeding season.
- Force breeding will is when a stallion/brute breds a mare/wolf by force when she is unwilling. When this happens you still must post in the coin toss. If the player of a mare/wolf really does not want a foal/pup then just ask- we can be reasonable. However, don't ask every time and expect to always get what you want.

COIN TOSS: Tossed 10 times by a mod.
TIE= Chosen by mod.
Negative Impact- the dam and/or foal will die/have a defect. The player of the mare/foal decides if one will die or if one has a defect. They can also chose the defect (for the dam a loss of fertility, for the foal deafness, blindness, etc).

TWINS- every breeding season Kanchana will pick a random number and keep it to herself. For example, let’s say she picks 5. The fifth breeding will result in twins. A coin will be flipped 10 times.
MOSTLY HEADS= Defect/Death in the dam/foal(s) (member's choice on if its death/defect, who gets it, and if the twins or identical or not),
TIE= identical twins,
MOSTLY TAILS= Unidentical twins. If whoever gets the twins doesn't want them then they can have one die. If a number, like 17, is chosen and there isn't a 17th breeding then there will be no twins for that season.

- Breeding takes place in any breeding grounds. Force breeding can take place anywhere except for the sanctuary.


Foals/Pups Aging

- Foals/pups do not need to be accepted, however they must have a bio. If there is a problem with the foal/pup you will be notified with a post on the bio or a PM.
- Foals/pups age at any rate desirable until they hit three years. (1 for wolves)
- Officially independent of their mother at age three. (1 for wolves)
-Colts/Brutes are free to leave home at age two.
-Fillies must ask for permission to leave. (Female wolves can just leave)
-Anybody ooc can play the foal/pups (mother has first dibs, father has second). (With a larger litter of pups, it is advised that both players have around 1-2 pups each.)
-Mares/she-wolves cannot "abort" their foals/pups on purpose. Accidents/harsh treatment by others can cause a foal/pups to be born prematurely and possibly stillborn. If you play a mare or wolf that has been impregnated you can make her to go into labor prematurely and have stillborns; don't abuse this though.


Alliance Systems
-The "alliance system" is split into three branches. They may all be used in a combination with each other or alone. If an alliance is in place you must post it on the Alliance board or it does not count.

-NAP (non attacking policy): An agreement meaning that no challenging, sneaking, raiding, etc. is allowed to go on between the two stallions or the residents of their homes without officially breaking the contract. If you violate this contract without officially canceling it, you will owe one mare/filly to the stallion you offended.

-TA (trade associate): A deal between two leads that allows them to trade freely with each other, designed for frequent traders. You can still trade with someone without them being a TA of yours. This must be an active agreement otherwise one would be free to break it. This agreement will still be valid regardless of whether sneaking, challenging, raiding, etc. goes on between the two (unless they have an NAP agreement as well). If a stallion decides to break the TA because the other stallion offended him (by challenging, sneaking, or raiding from him), then the stallion who broke the agreement will owe the other stallion one mare/filly.

-ALLY: Both the rules for the NAP and TA apply. Also, allies will be required to give aid to each other when asked (as long as it isn’t asked in excess, in which case the one being asked can refuse without fearing retribution). However, if the alliance is rarely called into play, then if one stallion asks his ally to help him, the ally must give his assistance. Otherwise, the ally owes the stallion a mare or filly. And vice versa.

All these can be stallion-stallion or stallion-wolf.


Any Other Questions

- Feel free to PM me any questions about rules or put them up on the Questions board and I will answer them as soon as possible.

- Also if I have missed anything in the rules that you think should be there PM me, Kanchana, and I will think about it and maybe add it in.

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Law of the Lands
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