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 Scar (horse)

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Scar (horse) Empty
PostSubject: Scar (horse)   Scar (horse) EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 20:20

Username: alamandy
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Name: Scar

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Lipizzan


Description: she is white with red eyes

Height: 16.3

History: "mum were are you mum"scar was screaming stuck in the rocks "over here scar" her mum said calmly.water rising "mum"scar screamed once more before going underwater.
ok so she has been having this nightmare sine her mum disappeared one day when the tide was coming in. it has hunted her for so long that is all she remembers is the word scar so now that is her name. traveling trying to find some way to get this nightmare out of her head.but nothing has worked so now she has come to new lands in need of a cure. who is this ghost like mare who vanishes before your very eyes.

so then Scar meet a stag named Therthis whom she became his queen later on and has a grown colt named Seamus.

she was mostly sad and terrified before she meet Therthis, also before she meet him she kept having a night mare which scared her but it is now only a far off menory but sometimes it will come back when she is affided of something. Scar is kind and calm and will do anything to keep those she loves safe.
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Scar (horse)
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