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 Yadasirah, or Yadas

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PostSubject: Yadasirah, or Yadas   Yadasirah, or Yadas EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 17:52

Username: otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Yadasirah (Yadas)

Age: 7

Species: Horse

Breed: Clydesdale

Gender: Mare

Description: Yadas is a beautiful mahogany, with a black mane and tail, like the deepest of night skies. Her eyes are deep, dark brown, and her left forefoot and hoof are purest white. Her ears are darker brown, turning to black at tips.

Height: 19.4 hh

History: Yadasirah once lived on the coast as a foal but was driven away as a two year old. She has roamed the land since, an unclaimed female. She has searched for a home and a herd since she was three, when she knew she was ready.

Eventually she found one, deep within the forest, and for a time ruled as its queen beside Snowfall. With him she bore a filly named Zipseris. However, her happiness was not meant to be, for Snowfall died and young Zipseris left to find her own home.

However, the onetime queen stayed, waiting patiently for another to come to her chosen abode. In time, she was rewarded, for a kind stallion came. No longer was she a queen of her dear home, but she was content, for she was given the honor due to a queen, for she was once queen, and so it had left the mark of a ruler upon her forever.

Personality: Quiet and calm, she accepts things as they are, takes care to include everyone in her thoughts, plans, and actions, and enjoys the time she spends in the forest, no matter who it's ruled by at the time. Running, for her is more than a joy, but a passion, for she longs to see what the birds and bees see, high above the trees, and running makes her feel like she's flying.

Image (optional): Yadasirah, or Yadas Zvirata_352669578_088
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PostSubject: Re: Yadasirah, or Yadas   Yadasirah, or Yadas EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 20:44


Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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Yadasirah, or Yadas
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