New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Forever and a Day [Otho - Tori]

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Forever and a Day [Otho - Tori] Empty
PostSubject: Forever and a Day [Otho - Tori]   Forever and a Day [Otho - Tori] EmptySat Nov 12 2011, 16:27

Nervous, light steps led her into the lands she had called home once before long. Her body, still thin and raggared walked no longer with the grace her body had once held.

Head hanging low and wings dragging behind, she followed behind Toralon in an obedient manner, having lost all thought of fight within her many months before.

"Who..who is still here?" she whispered softly, appearing defeated even in her soft lyrics and her glazed eyes scanned the landscape, nose inhaling deeply to feel the onslaught of familiar scents, but not even the scent of fresh food could stir her from her obedient trance.

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Forever and a Day [Otho - Tori]
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