New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 TImeless Sands {claim}

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TImeless Sands  {claim} Empty
PostSubject: TImeless Sands {claim}   TImeless Sands  {claim} EmptyThu Nov 10 2011, 15:12

The powerful black stallion with the golden tresses reared as he entered the coastal land. He had left Tourmaline in Snowy River Forest, for he knew what he wanted. He wanted his own land, even though he was the heir of the gamma stallion of the forest land. A land where all could come and be happy.

This was a beautiful land, there were cliffs around, as well as rock pools on the curiously red sanded beach. The water on the coastline was warm to the touch, something else that worked in his favour as well.

Spyro chuckled. He had found a home for himself. His powers of the mind had returned, and his wings were back. He was himself once more, as he was born to be.

“I claim this land, Timeless Sands, for myself and my heirs as long as they shall last!”
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TImeless Sands {claim}
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