New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Black Sands Challenge

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PostSubject: Black Sands Challenge   Black Sands Challenge EmptySun Feb 13 2011, 19:49

His home. His friends. His queen.

Those were the thoughts that ran through Walker's head as the fury pumped through his veins. No stallion was going to take his lands and kick him and his friends from his land. Ha! He wanted to laugh in the dark stallion's face. Who did this Galaxy think he was? It was time to face off, one on one, and find out who was more fit to be the leader. He knew that Falcon was counting on him. The previous king had been injured heavily and Walker had taken over out of respect, with all intentions to give it back. However, Falcon would never ask for it back, that would hurt his pride. "Galaxy, I call you here to challenge!" It was not like Walker at all but the threat to his family and friends was too much for him and he could not completely control his anger.

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PostSubject: Re: Black Sands Challenge   Black Sands Challenge EmptyThu Nov 10 2011, 02:31


What better way to spend my time than to watch two combatans fight to the death over there petty issues this was going to be interesting.I thought to myself as i made my way over to the field where the sallion stood,i sat a few meaters away as i had no intrest in fighting him or his challenge
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Black Sands Challenge
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