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 Silver Mythic

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PostSubject: Silver Mythic   Silver Mythic EmptyFri Aug 26 2011, 22:17

Dubbed ;; Silver Mythic
Age ;; 4 and 6 months
Gender ;; [i]Mare
Title/Rank ;; unknown
Land ;; unknown
Herd ;; unknown

Coat ;; bluish white
Mane & Tail ;; light cream
Eyes ;; blue
Height ;; 19.3 hands
Markings ;; she has a gold blaze and a darker bluwish colour marking on her neck
Scars ;; very little as she healed herself
Daggers ;; blue silver
Horn ;; she will have 5 gold horns
Wings ;; same colour as her coat and tipped with blue

Breed ;; unipeg, demon horse, Eispferd
Percentage ;; 5%, 50%, 45%
Dam ;; Silver Ice
Grandsire ;; Silver Hand
Granddam ;; Black Opal
Sire ;; Demon Of The Night
Grandsire ;; River of dead
Granddam ;; Blood Bath
[b]Brothers ;;
she doesn't know
Sisters ;; she doesn't know

Friends ;; n/a
Enemies ;; n/a
Sons ;;n/a
Daughters ;; n/a
History ;; Silver was born to an unipeg cross Eispferd slave mare in a demon stallions herd.Her father could not help but admire his filly but he was an evil stag and he did what he did to all fillies born, he froced them at young ages. Silver did not get many chaces to leave as her farther kept a good eye on her but one day when she was one she was just able to slip away from that dreadfully place.
Not long after as ran away and young boy found her and took her home with him. The boy had lost his sister and Silver felt his pain. She did not mind the humans and they took go care of her, the boy even gave her a golden necklace and bracelets. They matched the single horn upon her 1 year old head.

she stay with them until she was three growing two more horns in that time. the boys father went broke and had to sell up. she was sad to see him go and he her . her new owner was nice like the boy, but in many ways different one he was a man and two he was a war general. when he saw the golden necklace and bracelets he got thin chains and put them in her tassels and wings. Silver trained with him for a short month and then he had a chain mail coat made for her, so that in battle even if he was killed she would not be, but for it to work it had to be made to never come off again.

we fought in many a battles together and she was such a beautiful but deadly sight the see. For many of the enemy fell staring at her or by her three horns. The last battle they were in together ended badly. As they had rode into the battle field many were staring at the Silver. It went fine until a blood coloured stag came on the the field with the enemies general. She reared making sure her rider stayed on the charged the thing that was her farther. many times she tried to kill him with the four horns upon her head but in the end it was she covered in her own blood not her farther. Silver backed away as fast as she could but he did not let her. He threw his own rider and kill her own as he forced her with both horse and man underneath him. She threw herself to the ground to shake him off. Then she jumped into the air flying away as fast as she could......

Alliance ;;light
Languages ;; english
Temperament ;; she will be sweet and kind to most, but can get quite mean. She hate and is scared of stallions because of her father.
Silver Mythic Silver_mythic_by_alamandy-d47yq2k

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Silver Mythic
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