New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Ashgrove Copper

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PostSubject: Ashgrove Copper   Mon May 02 2011, 02:33

Name: Ashgrove Copper

Age: minutes old

Species: Horse

Breed: Shetland X Morgan

Gender: Stallion

Description: Black with not a hint of white. He has a proud head with snall alert ears which point slightly inwards. His eyes are kind and expressive. His head carriage is high and elegant, and his neck is of medium length with a high crest. His withers are well developed tapering into his back muscles, and his shoulders are sloping. His back is of medium length, strong and straight, leading towards well-developed loins and quarters. His legs are clean and strong with light feathering. his mane and tail are long and luxurient.
This gives him the overall build of a Freisian horse, I chose this because its in the middle of the classy Morgan and porky heavy Shetland lol.

Height: currently sitting at 12 hands, will be 16 hands at maturity

History:Well, there is not much to say, seeing as he is only minutes old. Therefore, I'll tell you about his parents.
he comes from another land, known as Freedoms Palace. His father, Ashton, was the king of all kings over there. His mother was a simple member of his herd.
Unfortunately his mother died giving birth to him, and his father dissapeared into thin air, so he is very much an orphan.

Personality: He is a very nervous little foal, he knows nothing of the world, nor anything about who he really is. All he knows is his name, and who his parents were. He's spirited as well. he has plenty of character and can be wilful. he is bold as well. Energetic, proud and gentle are other words to describe this little black bundle.

Parents: Mother and Father

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Ashgrove Copper
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