New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Catori   Catori EmptyTue Jul 19 2011, 02:46

Catori Horse_with_Bridle_by_HansProppe

Dubbed ;; Catori
Age ;; 5
Gender ;; Stallion
Title/Rank ;; Unknown
Land ;; Unknown
Herd ;; Unknown

Coat ;; Refer to pic
Mane & Tail ;;Refer to pic
Eyes ;; Dark Brown - Almost black
Height ;; 16.3hh
Markings ;; Refer to pic
Scars ;; A single scar runs over his left eye, hindering his sight but not making him totally blind.
Daggers ;; Default
Horn ;; [i] None
Wings ;; None

Breed ;; Kiowa War Horse (mixed)
Percentage ;; Full
Dam ;; Unknown
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Sire ;; Unknown
Grandsire ;;Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Brothers ;; None
Sisters ;; Ankti - Twin

Friends ;; Ankti
Enemies ;; None
Sons ;; None
Daughters ;; None
History ;; Twins, Ankti and Catori were raised in a traditional Indian home. As prised war-horses, they had seen their fair share of death and fighting, and swiftly became known as the safest mounts of the tribe. Even at a young age, they had been special. Twins were unheard of, let alone healthy twins. But when the tribe is attacked, it was one battle the twins could not win. With the death of their people, they were set free to roam the lands they called home and find a new one. Little did they know how different their own world was from others.

Alliance ;; They do not follow treads, tending to be on their own side and fight for what they believe in. If they do not like a side, they will not fight against it merely support the other.
Languages ;; Traditional Indian Language from the tribe times, and English
Temperament ;; More gentle and forgiving then his slightly younger twin sister, Catori is the more fatherly of the two. He gets along well with all, having a gentle soul and keeps a close eye on his tom-boyish sister. He worries often for her safety and will do anything for her happiness and protection.
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PostSubject: Re: Catori   Catori EmptyTue Jul 19 2011, 06:06

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