New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Apocalypse Plot

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PostSubject: Apocalypse Plot    Apocalypse Plot  EmptyTue Jul 12 2011, 20:38

I think its time I brought these guys truly out into the open. Not to mention revealed the plot that is going on in the background with these guys. Basically they are are here because Permisso chose to come to this world, not wanting to be in hell all the time. They are only using this as a cover for their true plan, they want to dominate the world, and extend their territory out of simply Hell.
It is planned that Permisso is the key to this happening, and for a certain time if permitted she will become the overall leader, though she would never kill someone younger than her, like Alston. This is something that she would never do, though she was trained to fight and to kill.
However there are a few setbacks. While her father has complete and utter faith in her being able to live up to his expectations, all his siblings, her aunts and uncles, are not interested in her being the one to do this. Therefore I have decided that the foals they give of themselves will join with Permisso to become the new council.
The old members will all die except one, being Satan, for there is a place for hims still in the world. He'll return to hell, though it is planned that he will take Frenzy with him then. When this is only Phantom and I know personally, for we planned that part together.
Now its planned that after a few years of her being the leader, Alston will eventually kill Permisso, for she will decide that her time is over. This will happen when one of her daughters turns out to be one of the light not one of the darkness like she is.
I have decided who will end up killing off who, because they are the exact opposite of the horses in the original council.

Michael will force Satan to go back to hell.
Satan will take Frenzy with him as a prisoner, due to a deal made a while ago.
Callisto will kill War
Thowra will kill Famine
Alston will kill Hades
Blue Jay will kill Lust
Honiure-Aurore will kill Sin
Juliana will kill Torment
Armada will kill Conquest
Ganymede will kill Death

Foals from LUST will be exceptionally beautiful/handsome and able to fool others into believing they are what others want them to be. This is helpful when it comes to dealing with enemies of her own or of others. A rare few will gain a horn.
Foals from SATAN will inherit the higher status of their father over the others who are not older siblings to them. They have the abilities of all the other council members as well. All foals will inherit horns and wings.
Foals from WAR will gain the hightened combat skills of their mother, and will be good at planning battle strategies. There will be no wings or horns from them.
Foals from FAMINE will be able to cause sickness wherever they go if they wish it. This is a good way for them to win their fights, though pegusas are generally immune to this. They can grow a horn, but this is a rare thing.
Foals from HADES will be controllers of fire and earth, and be able to master these. They can grown wings and horns.
Foals from SIN are able to lie without being detected at all. They are the ones who are masters at fooling others.
Foals from TORMENT will be able to mock others in ways that are not really fair. They are able to be very annoying when they want to be, but only if they are trained. horns and wings are allowed/
Foals from CONQUEST will be outrivalled strategiests and planners. They will have an inner shine that others are drawn to. Wings and horns allowed
Foals from DEATH will be able to cause death just by thinking about it. no horns or wings allowed
Foals from PERMISSO earn all their grandfather Satan's powers. Wings are a definate occurance as well as are horns as Permisso's mother was an Alicorn.

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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Plot    Apocalypse Plot  EmptyWed Jul 13 2011, 12:21

Honoure-Ame, or Honore-Aurore?
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Plot    Apocalypse Plot  EmptyWed Jul 13 2011, 15:43


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Apocalypse Plot
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