New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Dubbed ;; Hemlock, of The Poisons
Age ;; 4
Gender ;; Male
Title/Rank ;; Beta Stallion
Land ;; Aonar Ciúnas (Beta)
Herd ;; Composed of 1, Melodia

Coat ;; Pure black
Mane & Tail ;; Black
Eyes ;; A light purple
Height ;; 19.6 hh
Markings ;; N/A
Scars ;; N/A
Daggers ;; White
Horn ;; A silvery gold horn, spiraling out from his forehead
Wings ;; Jet black and feathered.

Breed ;; Alicorn/Anglo Arabian
Percentage ;; 50%/50%
Dam ;; Nightshade of the Poisoned
Grandsire ;; Carson
Granddam ;; Foxglove of the Poisoned
Sire ;; Fantasma
Grandsire ;;
Granddam ;;
Brothers ;; N/A
Sisters ;; N/A

Friends ;; Zandere
Enemies ;; N/A
Love ;; Melodia
Crush ;; N/A
Heartbreaks ;; N/A
Sons ;; N/A
Daughters ;; N/A

Personality Gentle around most, but not afraid of a fight. Hemlock is just a bit of a daredevil in the air, but on the ground he's learning to be level-headed and discreet. Due to the fact that his father's queen has given him no heir as of yet, Hemlock still carefully learns from his sire's example, if only so that when he sires his own heir, he may train his son well.
Alliance ;; N/A
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Gentle, but a bit high spirited.

Missing: Fantasma's lineage.
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