New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Bandia - Recreated -

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Bandia - Recreated -  Empty
PostSubject: Bandia - Recreated -    Bandia - Recreated -  EmptyWed Jun 22 2011, 05:16

Bandia - Recreated -  White_queen_by_rosaka_origo-d36937g

Dubbed ;; Bandia
Age ;; Ageless
Gender ;; She-wolf.
Title/Rank ;; unknown
Land ;; unknown
Herd ;; unknown

Coat ;; White and blue
Eyes ;; Brown
Height ;; around 3hh, though she often appears much taller at around 4-5hh.
Markings ;; Blue runes. Look at full description below.
Scars ;; Look in full description below.
Daggers ;; White.
Horn ;; None.
Wings ;; None.
Description ;; White as the clouds she comes from, Bandia is different from many others her kind. Runes, white seems to glow a light blue, scattered around her eyes and down the back of her spine. They all have meanings, only known to her. She is scarred as well, as a true warrior should be. Not enough to be called a bad fighter, but enough to show that she know what she means. She is small, though she can appear much larger then she truly is. Beauty is one of her key elements as well, often gaining unwanted attention so she will, on occasions, role in mud to stay hidden from others.

Breed ;; Queen ('goddess') Carinnia Species.
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;; Unknown.
Grandsire ;; Unknown.
Granddam ;; Unknown.
Sire ;; Unknown.
Grandsire ;; Unknown.
Granddam ;; Unknown.
Brothers ;; None
Sisters ;; None

Friends ;; None.
Enemies ;; None.
Sons ;; None.
Daughters ;; None.
History ;; Bandia is not like other wolves, in fact she was raised a whole different way. The Carinnia, her kind, are from the sky. Her parents were 'true mates' [soul mates] and are rulers of this world. But when everyone else her age, around 500 years, has found her soul mate and only she hasn't, they begin to worry for their child. Sending her to the world of the earthly, she is told to find her true mate or else she wont be able to take her place on the throne. She has 10 years. Though, as time is much slower in the Carinnia world, this is around 1 millions years in the earthly. Bandia has no want to find her mate, nor to rule. She prefer's to 'be one of the boys' and muck around then to act like the princess she is.
But, having never seen much of what is on the earthly, she find trouble on her first few days. Her looks, common for a Carinnia wolf, draw unwanted attention from many brutes and when they attack her in a large group, she is left for dead.

Alliance ;; Fence Sitter XD Sorry, but she doesn't care for either side. But she is a heir is the 'light' side.
Languages ;; English and Carinnia
Temperament ;; [As the heir to the Carinnia throne, she is a natural born leader and rarely does what shes told to do, even by her parents. She would rather spend her days in the mud wrestling then acting proper. A natural born fighter, she can fight many at once and still come out on top, unless there is just to many [like the attack in her history...there was around 30 males]. She is promised if she does not find her soul mate by the end of this time, she will be given the position of 'militant general' and lead the most powerful army to ever see the world. But she has to wait a long time for this.
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Bandia - Recreated -
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