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 Rani - Recreated -

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Rani - Recreated -  Empty
PostSubject: Rani - Recreated -    Rani - Recreated -  EmptyWed Jun 22 2011, 01:32

Rani - Recreated -  Wolf_and_bloody_squirrel__by_woxys-d31k60f

Dubbed ;; Rani
Age ;; 2
Gender ;; she-wolf
Title/Rank ;; unknown
Land ;; Haus der Eis-Pferde
Herd ;; unknown

Coat ;; White
Eyes ;; Warm Brown.
Height ;; 3 hands to the top of her shoulder.
Markings ;; None.
Scars ;; None.
Daggers ;; White paws.
Horn ;; None.
Wings ;; None.

Breed ;; Arctic Wolf.
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;; Nula
Grandsire ;; Unknown.
Granddam ;; Unknown.
Sire ;; Sulfur
Grandsire ;; Unknown.
Granddam ;; Unknown.
Brothers ;; Eitri, Fallon - dead.
Sisters ;; Iridessa

Friends ;; Mate - Spirit Claw
Enemies ;; None.
Sons ;; None.
Daughters ;; None.

History ;; NEED TO BE ADDED. Notes: Was forced by Radu when she left on arguement with mate, Spirit Claw. Now changed as not so happy.

Alliance ;; light
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Playful and will always be young at heart, Rani is the kind of girl that could get even the meanest wolf smiling. Her playful antics often display an immature air, and she just generally mucks around, never taking much seriously. She is a want to be mother, often mothering those around and taking liking to those younger or more defenselessness then her. She is a loyal mate, but will wander from time to time to explore the world.
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Rani - Recreated -
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