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 From the Old Admin

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PostSubject: From the Old Admin   From the Old Admin EmptyWed Jun 22 2011, 00:09

Hey Guys,

So, you know when you love something so much but you have to suddenly stop when you have no time? That life takes away the things you enjoy so much, but you need to find time for it anyway? I gave up on writing for that very fact, that I had to many things at once and was going to have to give up one thing. And guess what? It hasn't been easy, in fact I often stare at the blank notebooks hoping to fill them with ideas! But even then, I haven't been able to stop myself. Inbetween sleeping, hockey and school, I have some how managed to scribble ideas down and even dreamed about writing.

So, I have come back. No, I will not be back full time, nor will I be on every day. I am trying to play for my Country, and training as much as I am, I honestly should not be coming back.

I know many will have questions about characters and such, but no I shall not be bringing back all my characters. My mains, like Ashton, will not be brought back. I'm sure many plots and posts have been created to fill the huge whole I left in the kingdom, and many will not think it fair of me just waltzing back in here and taking over. So, I shall be owner. Yes, but I shall only decide on the massive issues and ideas for the site. Phantom and Erosaf, if they wish, shall both be named as 'co-owners' and run the daily needs, and I shall only step in when I think is needed and any major changes to the site.

As for the rest of my characters, I am only keeping a few (that I shall name below) and they are mostly unclaimed or I have a plot in mind for. Of course, if you really want me to bring back a certain character, feel free to ask but I might not do so.

Also, maybe, a few new character's as well. Just to get rid of these ideas in my head XD.

And last but not least...I won't be on everyday. I shall post at every 3 second chance I get. I am lifting my posts to hopefully around 200-300 words. Nothing below! So please, try and write a long post in responce to try and keep my muse going.

Thank you and hope you want me back,


Characters Coming Back:

Bandia - Wolf
Edon - Wolf
Rani - Wolf
Aatu - Wolf
Luikawa - Wolf (Pups: Locien - male, Cairda - female)

Kanchana - Horse (If wanted by Phantom)
Hidden Illusion - Horse - Keeper of the Land of Wishes
Omeya - Horse (If wanted by Phantom)
Yára - Horse
Kairva - Horse
Castien - Horse
Duilleoga - Horse

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PostSubject: Re: From the Old Admin   From the Old Admin EmptyWed Jun 22 2011, 00:22


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PostSubject: Re: From the Old Admin   From the Old Admin EmptyWed Jun 22 2011, 22:27

Welcome back, Kanny (:
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PostSubject: Re: From the Old Admin   From the Old Admin Empty

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From the Old Admin
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