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 Goddess of Protection, Cygnus

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PostSubject: Goddess of Protection, Cygnus   Goddess of Protection, Cygnus EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 14:56

Name: Cygnus

Age: Ageless

Species: Horse

Breed: Goddess

Gender: Mare

Description: Cygnus is an earth hued vixen with white painted markings all over her body. Her legs are white but deepen to a black color around her hocks. Cygnus' face is laced with white and has dark, knowing eyes. She has a pure white mane and tail, as long as shimmering pearly wings upon her back. The mare has white splashed all over her body except for her legs and belly; those parts of her are just brown.

Height: 18hh

History: Cygnus is the goddess of protection, and she descended from a long line of gods. Her position in the heavens was first given to her when she showed her superior abilities of the mind. Cygnus is one of the only gods that is not an elemental, yet she possesses something just as special as they. In certain ways, she can give mental and physical protection to any creature. In her own realm of heaven, she heard a plea from those in a magical land where wars were brewing like storms from one day to the next. Determined to preserve all the good in this large collection of lands, she decided to join.

Personality: Cygnus is a determined being and is strong in will. She is understanding and calm in battle, and she is willing to help anyone with a pure soul. Cygnus is open and is rarely uptight in decision making. She is never angry, but she is not afraid to hand out punishments to those that cross her. Overall, she is kind and loyal to all but is the most outrageous of the gods. Cygnus won't be pushed around.

Image (optional): Goddess of Protection, Cygnus Winged_by_seiskyo-d30wa6a

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PostSubject: Re: Goddess of Protection, Cygnus   Goddess of Protection, Cygnus EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 14:58


Please post in Taken Names with a link.

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Goddess of Protection, Cygnus
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