New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Season Change as they always have

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Season Change as they always have Empty
PostSubject: Season Change as they always have   Season Change as they always have EmptyTue Jun 14 2011, 14:39

Winter's left a heavy mark,
Leaving the world without its once proud king,
Now the fights shall begin,
For the highest position of them all.

The beaches become warmer,
As the snow melts into the sand,
The icy water that laps at their edges,
still winter cool.

The deserts remain the same,
the sand's heat turning the snow into water,
the horses there can feel the change.

Fresh spring grass can be found,
the best grass of all amongst the trees,
To the woodland creatures the spring always has,
become the chance for new life to come.

The mountains proud and tall,
Are filled with the sound of rushing water,
as the ice still thaws below their peaks,
yet the highest peaks covered with snow until summer.

And what finally of the valley's?
the most low lying lands thaw the quickest,
the animals there know the winter has come to an end,,
as the rising sun is met with new life.

NOTE TO ALL: Please go and change your characters ages by one year if applicable to them. And also please update your Character Status boards so we know where all are!
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Season Change as they always have
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