New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 She comes at last freind. [saphira]

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She comes at last freind. [saphira] Empty
PostSubject: She comes at last freind. [saphira]   She comes at last freind. [saphira] EmptySat May 21 2011, 22:15

It was a tall and powerful stallion that moved through the sandy beach. He knew where he was going, and did not have to look behind him to know that Mirage was following him. She had agreed to come and meet Sorrel, and he knew that was a good thing. There was so much that she could be with the aging black stallion, but he knew that she had to know who he was first.

The flaxen maned chestnut unicorn stopped for a moment, before moving on, his strides always graceful in the sand that many a horse had tripped and fallen in. Soon though, he heard the hooves being placed carefully down one the sand and a black stallion came trotting out to meet them.

He was an elegant horse, and though he did not have the best of bloodlines, he was still handsome. “Welcome again, Gabriel.” Sorrel then looked on to the mare who was two years younger than him. “Greetings, Mirage. I am Sorrel, the king of this land.”
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She comes at last freind. [saphira] Empty
PostSubject: Re: She comes at last freind. [saphira]   She comes at last freind. [saphira] EmptyTue Jun 14 2011, 03:21

Her eyes, once cherished, praised and likened to jewels in the night sky, had seemed to lose their glow, their sparkle, their very life. So much had changed... It seemed like eons and eons ago that her beloved Demon had stood beside her, bidding her lovingly farewell as he left on a journey of self-discovery, promising that he would return. But he had not. And now he never would. For he was dead.

The familiar lands passed by in a sequence of blurs, Mirage's eyes seeing them, but not acknowledging them. Her hoofbeats were dull and heavy, lacking their usual liveliness, their usual grace and litheness. The grassy knolls soon turned to sandy beaches with their endless waters, stretching out to vast distances, as far as the eye could see.

She barely noticed the change, her gait unconsciously altering to compensate and give her adequate grip, testament to her grace and usual sureness of herself. Raising her head, she sighed unenthusiastically, stopping beside the unicorn stallion and looking round at her surroundings. The land itself was pretty enough, but it still paled in comparison to the richness and beauty of her swampland home.

An ebony shape emerged, and Mirage turned to it, ears flattening warily as it halted in front of her. Sorrel. Her new king.

"Sorrel," she responded flatly. "Nice to meet you." No inflection, no emotions. Dead to the world already, her soul tired, just so tired of everything.
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She comes at last freind. [saphira]
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