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Username: Otho

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Name: Laranaz

Age: 5 1/2

Species: Horse

Breed: Altaria

Gender: Female

Description: Laranaz is a dark grey horse, with small golden markings, including a gold blaze down her face. her eyes are the same color, with darker and lighter golden hues in them, like shards of sparkling glass. A golden stocking and three socks of the same color are on her legs. Her wings are golden as well, though they have edges of the same dark grey as most of her body.

Laranaz is smallish, with a fine, small head, and a delicate looking form.

Height: 16.3 hh

History: Laranaz, as a filly, tended towards the shy side for the most part, only occasionally speaking to those outside her immediate family and few friends. She never tried to race against the others in the herd, never tried much, in fact. Often, older foals, and even the mares around her, would wonder for a moment who she was, before remembering. As she grew, however, her attention was captured by a somewhat odd young stallion, Paolino. He, however, didn't seem to notice her, just like everyone else.

Annoyed, the young mare tried to win his attention, but each attempt failed. Finally, he and other rambunctious young stallions decided to have a race against each other, and Laranaz jumped in as soon as the others started running, flying past them and tying for first position in the end.

A bit embarrassed, she tried going, but she'd finally caught Paolino's interest, and he watched her closely afterwards. Soon, they were friends, and when the two become adults, they left together, an unspoken agreement rising between them, with Paolino as king, and young Laranaz as his queen.

The two eventually chose to join Alexander, one of Paolino's friends, and his queen, Raven, in their lands. Their two friends had already established themselves well, and had recently been gifted by fate with two young daughters, twins, named Bizandra and Erenda. Shortly thereafter, Laranaz and Paolino had twins as well, and named the two Bjart and Rhothilion.

After a few years of contentment and peace for them, Alexander, Raven, Paolino and Laranaz chose to move on, to farther lands, settling on Misty Mountains. They set out, their four children following them.

Personality: Still quiet and a bit shy, Laranaz is quick with her mind, but slow to speak her thoughts. She tends to be more a person of action, and distinguishes herself in spy-work and skirmishes, where she uses her small size and quick reflexes to her advantage.

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