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 American Warmblood

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PostSubject: American Warmblood   American Warmblood EmptySat May 07 2011, 01:09

Name: American Warmblood

Species: Horse

Colours: All colors accepted, mostly Bay

Height: between 15 and 17 hh

Basic History: The American Warmblood is a result of centuries of breeding hot blooded horses (Thoroughbreds) with cold blooded horses (drafts) to produce an athletic, well-rounded mount. American Warmbloods might be thought of as a more distinct breed than European Warmbloods.
In order to understand the American Warmblood type it is helpful to rest any preconceived notions about the definition of "breed" or "pure-bred" . Best to refer to it as a "type". American horse breeders have employed selective breeding for hundreds of years. In many cases registries have been started to track and supervise bloodlines. Quarter Horses, Morgans and American Saddlebreds are popular examples of horses that have been bred into very high standards.
During the same time in Europe this has not been the case. European sport horses more closely follow a melting pot analogy. It is known that European Warmbloods can be greatly mixed amongst themselves and thus share the same backgrounds.
The American Warmblood has a willing yet calm personality. It is energetic and exudes an alert presence. It is energetic and approaches its work with great concentration and attentiveness. The American Warmblood is generous and obedient to its rider.

American Warmblood American-warmblood-picture-1American Warmblood American-warmblood-picture-2American Warmblood American-warmblood-picture-3American Warmblood American-warmblood-picture-4American Warmblood American-warmblood-picture-5
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American Warmblood
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