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 American Albino Horse

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PostSubject: American Albino Horse   American Albino Horse EmptySat May 07 2011, 01:06

Name: American Albino Horse

Species: Horse

Colours: The American White, regardless of breeding, must have pink skin and truly white coloring. No slight pigmentation of hair allowed. A few, small scattered spots are permissible. The various eye colors common to horses are acceptable including amber and very pale blue and parti-colored.

Height: Many are in the 14 - 14.2hh range now.

Basic History: To no surprise, the main physical characteristic of the American Albino is a white coat, white tail and mane, pink skin, and black, brown, or dark blue eyes. Outside of coloration, the American Albino is separated into a stock type horse, saddle horse type, and Arabian type, with separate categories for ponies.
Because the American Albino is actually a color breed, it can carry the characteristics of its sires, whether Quarter horse, Arabian, Morgan, or Thoroughbred. For the most part they are known to be smart, tractable and even tempered.
They are relatively non-aggressive , intelligent, excellent disposition, willing.

American Albino Horse Aalbino-picture-1American Albino Horse Aalbino-picture-2
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American Albino Horse
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