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Chocolate ChocolatePhantom2
Image by Kanny, made for me. Credits are on it.

Dubbed ;; Chocolate
Age ;; 6
Gender ;; Mare
Title/Rank ;; Mare of Eternal Paradise
Land ;; Eternal Paradise
Herd ;; Roaring Rivers

Coat ;; Bay
Mane & Tail ;; Black
Eyes ;; Light brown
Height ;; 14.1hh
Markings ;; A star upon her crown and fade to ebony marks upon all four legs.
Scars ;; Several
Daggers ;; Gray
Horn ;; None
Wings ;; None

Breed ;; Australian Brumby
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;; Swiss Miss
Grandsire ;; Fleet God
Granddam ;; Shez Rockin
Sire ;; Goldiva
Grandsire ;; Russel Stover
Granddam ;; Hershey
Brothers ;; None
Sisters ;;None

Friends ;; Rocks, Rivers, Spyro, Tourmaline
Enemies ;; Staramboli
Love ;; Roaring Rivers
Crush ;; No one
Heartbreaks ;; None
Sons ;; Unnamed/Unborn Colt
Daughters ;; Unnamed/Unborn Filly

PersonalityChocolate is sweet and kind to everyone, offering them advice and help if they need it. She's curious now, and she wants to find out about all the wonderful things in life she missed out on as a child. Most of the time, she's not fearful anymore but can be shy around new horses and new things. Overall, she is loving and has a pure heart through the toughest of times.

History: Chocolate came from a small plains' land in a herd of her family. She was born from a herd mare in the land and the king. Unfortunately, he was not kind and loving like most fathers should be. He was abusive of her and her mother, causing her to have many wounds. They were healed over, but many scars, mental and physical remained until she met her love. When Roaring Rivers came into her life, she didn't know how to react. He was all too perfect, but she found herself slowly falling in love with him. Chocolate knew she would die, though if she did not get the infected wound on her leg healed, so they traveled to see Illusion, the Unicorn healer. There, she was healed of her ailment and lives happily in Eternal Paradise with Roaring Rivers, the half king of the land.

Alliance ;; Neutral
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Patient, Good Temper
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