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PostSubject: Manips/Colouring   Manips/Colouring EmptyThu May 05 2011, 09:12

Well, my tests have recently ended for the term, so now I'm celebrating xD My friend suggested that we work on a lineart on something related to the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon), and I'll post it up as soon as we get it done! It's coming along fabulously!

Anyway, since I've finally figured out how to colour, I thought I'd show you two that I did today!

Manips/Colouring Spirit_and_rain_by_saphira_bjartskulr-d3fmvyi

Yup! Spirit and Rain from the movie at that particular scene after the fight D: Took me a long time to colour the forest background and all the plants - it ws nightmarish!

Manips/Colouring Prince_by_saphira_bjartskulr-d3fmp3z
Just a little something that I did... Potential charrie? xD

Manips/Colouring Sakura_by_saphira_bjartskulr-d3btoro
I did this some time ago... Was thinking of making her on this site too, except the name would have the be changed ><

Manips/Colouring Thowra_by_saphira_bjartskulr-d38a7xi
And this one! It's one of my favourites, personally. I made it quite a long time ago for E's character, Thowra xD

Yeah, so these are some of my works! I have an account on deviantart -

Check it out if you want xD

And if you want any of your charries done, I'd be glad to oblige! Except for colouring, I can only do solid colours for the coats as of now xD
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