New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 What will we do? [phantom]

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What will we do? [phantom] Empty
PostSubject: What will we do? [phantom]   What will we do? [phantom] EmptySun May 01 2011, 23:36

The tall pegusas mare moved through the land, knowing that there was something she would have to talk to the King of the lands. After all, Saoirse and Sundara were now gone and as betta queen, she had to figure out what she was going to do with her own position, and whether the king would remain in their land, or move one. It seemed that everyone was being lost at the moment, there were so many mares she knew that were grieving as their partners left, never to be seen again.

Bel Bel sighed. How would she tell her daughters? Of course she knew that Bella would be as affected as she was, Kairva was one of the ones gone from their lives. Some of them though would not be able to move on through this. She herself was old now, but she would live on long enough to see the land through the loss of its great queen, and the betta stallion who had been there when Saoirse's own mate Surreal passed on.

It was then she heard hooves coming towards her, and she looked up. A creamy mare came cantering into view, tears shining in her eyes. She sighed, moving towards her daughter. "Oh Bella," she sighed, trying to comfort her daughter. "I know how you feel right now."

Would she return to Yarraman now? Would she start a new life in the lands of her immortal son? There were so many things she could do. Find someone else to join her in the betta herd of this land? Could she really move on from him? That seemed the hardest thing for her to even consider.

"Does Thowra know?" she asked.

"Yes, mother. Kairva was his heir after all," Bella replied. "Has Sundawn heard of this yet?

"That he was." The tall cream stallion moved forwards towards them, completely at a loss as to what to do now. "It's a good thing I'll be around for a lot longer. All I can think to do is get what remains of my family back together. For a second time, I've lost Boon Boon, though now she's known as Boonsa."

"No, Sundawn knows not yet, though she might be on her way to see if we were as effected as everyone else."

She sighed though, looking towards where she knew Saoirse had been for all time. "Come, I must speak with the king fo my homelands. He remains, though Saorise is gone. All that remains of the time Corus and Hade's roamed the world in this land is me now. I must find out what he intends to do now that his queen is gone."

With that the pegusas mare leapt into a graceful canter, knowing where she had to go at the moment. The familiar lands that she had roamed for ten good years flashed past beneath her as she searched. Thowra and Bel Bel stayed by her side easily enough. Bella had been raised here. Thowra had the surefooted grace of the vampire he was.

“Epimetheus! Where are you!” she called as she ran with the others silently through the lands. Soon she would find him, there was no doubt of that. No one knew this land as well as she did at the moment. They would figure something out, she could only pray from that much. Would she remain on as the betta? Would he leave the land? If he did, would she become the leader? Would he even keep her on in the place she was in the lands?

The young black and white pinto mare with the flame red tresses looked up as she heard the hooves, from where Epimetheus was nearby. "Father, someone's coming... well more than one person," she said.

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What will we do? [phantom]
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