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 A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate

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A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate   A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 EmptyFri Mar 22 2013, 11:37


Many losses had been spilled over the very ground they hailed and strode upon. Even though they saw the life that grew upon it as heaven, not a single one understood the hell that it had seen and endured. You would think that it would only resemble the life that it gave the individuals, but scars of the past had grown over and healed as spring grass sprouted from the muddy, rocky soil every spring rain. It's not something that crosses the mind often, and when it does, it is in good reason.

When one could not taste the grass with free will or drink the waters of clarity, it seemed that they were even more a poison than they were life. Did not the protruding ribs of the colt explain in enough words the poison of life? With every cry of hunger did they suffer, and it weakened them more. He wondered if they would fear so much for their life if there was no food rather than if there was but they were forbade to consume it. Grasping the psychological area of their condition was a difficult task in itself, but freedom? It was but a joke that the ignorant slung over their shoulders. There was always a creature more superior than themselves, but the colt was too naive to recognize this now.

All he could smell was the rushing of waves and silence as he stood upon the beach, the breath his only audience. But her. She was there too, with him - she had to be there for him to be there. A crimson fae had captured his heart in but a moment of peace, gazing into her heart and eyes with his soul. From the moment, their eyes met, he knew for certain that he would follow her to the ends of the earth.

It was far too new for him to comprehend, and the feeling he felt in his was so warm. It was like the warmth of blood flowing from an open cut, except it didn't sting. Something about this feeling felt soft to him, unlike the thorn-like words his benefactor had used to slice his self-image. Weak. Deranged. Stupid, she had called him. Maybe it was true.

"I shall never leave you either, beautiful," he had said, a brief smile on his features before she ran to his mother in a mad rage and attacked her. Luckily, she had returned, but something more than her pride was shot down - she looked in pain as she looked into his pools. Still warm were they, and they were rage-less, a simple expression overtaking him as he pondered his response for a brief moment. Safa knew that he had to be gentle with the sweet fae that had taken his heart. They were both broken, he he knew he couldn't turn her away if he wanted to.

Looking down, he met her gaze with a slight smile.

Sighing, he decided on how he would speak to her about this. Although he was slightly disappointed in her attacking the horrid creature, he couldn't say that he blamed her. "Beautiful, my dear," he said, reaching his muzzle out to caress her cheek. "I understand. I would never send you would be impossible for me to live now, if you were not by my side..," he said quietly, taking a step closer. "You must understand though, that if we are to escape, we must be very subtle. I only want to make sure my brothers and sisters find a good home before we leave. Then, we shall never fight again," he said reassuringly.



How I wish I was younger! thought Cyn, mind angry that her bones were old and weaker than they once more. In her prime, this stag would have been coyote food within moments, but age wore with her and fatigue had set in. It would be a millennia before she noted that to her opponent though. In battle, the key was to appear strong and very prepared - and that she was. Her anger and frustration over a random do-gooder attempting to rid her of her children was a major problem. Trying to turn them good? Well, they were already weak, and soon Blood would pay just as his brothers and sisters had for defying her.

"I shall do whatever I want. They are mine. Perhaps, when the time comes, I will take your children," she said, the plan already coming together in her mind. It wasn't a bad plan at all; his pretty little queen would be having a heart attack over that...

Not paying attention, the horn that was coming straight for her grazed her side as she stepped forward. Flinching, she immediately launched another attack. Rearing, she quickly maneuvered to the left and twisted her form around so that her hips faced him in an instant. With lightning speed, she kicked her back pillars out at his shoulder viciously, dropping her skull and pivoting back to attempt to nick his hind-quarters with her ivories.

More and more hostile did she become, until she ran head first to his neck and attempted to cut off all air-flow as she rammed her maw towards his jugular.



Was it not good to hide within, to seek a small dark area to relieve oneself of inner pain? Fear crept through her, but you could never tell from the soft, calm expression that her features carried. A master at the art of facade always seemed jovial or at least content, but the situation here was sickening. Never in her life had she seen so much blood, and even though she was raised with a brute, she had come up to be quite proper.

Regal was her personality, and she had a sense of pride regardless of her situation. Imber was not too prideful though and had a strong sense of humility as well though. Now, all she felt was humility and sorrow for what had happened to her dear little sister. Hopefully, the rest of them would make it out alive as well. If they didn't, she didn't know what she would do. She wasn't as strong as Chance or Safa were, and she could not take death and fighting well. Especially when her family was in danger - and she had known her mother would hurt them. Why had she not done anything before now?

Turning her dainty skull, she noticed that another stag was coming up. A little cautious, she kept her distance until he came within a few feet of her. Her? Why her? She was only a young fae lost in a world of fighting and hatred.

Naturally, Imber was very shy, and she didn't like to speak if she didn't have to. It seemed this earth hued stag was here to speak with her though, and the reason did not matter. She would give him the respect he deserved and speak with him - perhaps, he was not unkind, like most of society was in this day and age. He looked young, like she was and inexperienced as well. At least she wasn't the only one.

"Hello," she said softly, looking back to him. "I am Imber," she said easily, a slight smile curving over her lips.
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A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate   A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 EmptyTue Mar 26 2013, 12:24

Though he was more interested in this pretty little filly, he did keep a wary eye on Hemlock at the older mare. He knew well that he had not the experience to fight her off should there be a need. Another colt his own age he’d be able to fight off, but not her.

He smiled, stopping a little way from her, not wanting to frighten her. Surely with all this commotion things would not be easy as it was for her. She was so beautiful and he knew that others would want her for his herd. At least he knew of a safe place to live.

“Greetings to you, Imber. I am Ashgrove Copper.” He bowed, something that he had taught himself to do, and he thought it might be worthwhile. Now, only of his ears stayed listening to the fight, the rest of his attention was on this pretty little filly. For she was little in comparison to him.
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A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate   A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 EmptySun Jun 02 2013, 19:23


"You have shown that you are unworthy of being the mother of anyone." he said, even as one of her hooves nicked his shoulder, opening a small cut there, which stung for a moment before the adrenaline took over the sensory nerves there. He dodged again, just as Cynjarah's teeth clicked shut, a hairsbreadth away from his flank.

Still, he allowed her next attack to come, and just as she was about to snap at his jugular, he ducked under her jaw and reared, slamming his hooves into her chest, and turning his neck up to bite at the fae's throat, seeking a firm hold on her.



A blast of heat accompanied me as I traveled, the white fire of my form hungrily eating away at everything as I marveled at the beauty and stillness of the island. The perfect quiet, the overhanging willows. It was all so...


I snorted slightly, the smell of blood coming to my sensitive nostrils. Was it possible that something interesting was actually going on here for a change? I thought, trotting towards the coppery, warm scent. The sight I came upon was... Interesting, to say the least. Fantasma's pathetic colt was fighting a mare, while a set of skinny little foals of various ages watched, and a few talked among themselves. Apparently, this little colt of an Alicorn had managed to get on the fae's bad side.

Knowing how most horses in these wretched lands behaved, that was a good argument in and of itself for me to get to know this fighting fae...

If she lived.
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A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate   A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate - Page 2 Empty

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A Simple Sin, an Oceanic Tide of Hate
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