New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)

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A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)  Empty
PostSubject: A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)    A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)  EmptyTue Mar 29 2011, 19:17

Ebony pillars soared over small soaked hill, turf flying behind the crimson flames as they caressed the landscape. Hungry emerald eyes searched frantically upon the green, the still waters floating with ice upon them as geese traveled to the warmer bits of the lands. Soon, even they were gone, dust flicking up behind her as the extended strides took hold of the lands. Nature forced her to move in such a fast manner, it told her that the time had come once more to give her life to the world. A void had just ruptured from her newest colt, Embruixat becoming a yearling. Soon, he, too would go away for warrior training.

Crimson shone on the horizon as it barreled closer, blood dripping from the lips of the fae that dared to move with such a great velocity. No one cared to bother the great queen of evil, the one that had never been defeated in spirit nor will. In great battles past and great battles to come, the aging queen Temia had stood strong and proud. She had brought honor to the name of Doitean and their great conquering of this land from the pathetic mongrels that once made their dwelling there. They had come to contact with fame and accepted it gladly to be held closely to the same standards as the Inferno Plains kings of past and present, as well as the one of Red Sun. Greatness they had achieved, and greatness they would get.

A young ivory stag galloped beside her, and suddenly, she wheeled off to the side to speak to him sternly. "You shall have a brother or sister. Respect it as you respect me. There is a great battle to come; you will fight, you will die if you must. Prove your worth to me, Embruixat...and stay here until the deed is done," Temia spoke sternly to her yearling son. As he nodded in reply, she continued her pace until she saw the first of his glistening ebony pelt.

"Doitean," she rasped, emerald orbs darting about as her crimson flames died down a bit. Spider-like marks appeared upon his rump and extended down the side of his left pillar. "I wish for a heir, from you. Two of mine were of Exile's, and the next shall be for you. I suppose us to be victorious in the battle, as I was in the last one. If I shall not be, there must be a heir to take over the lands in our absence," Temia explained rationally. There was always a chance of defeat, although it was not likely. Turning around, she readied herself. Nodding, she allowed him to do what he wished.
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A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)    A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)  EmptyTue Mar 29 2011, 19:25

He knew without a doubt why his queen had come to him. It was an easy scent for him to pick out. “Wise words, my queen,” he rumbled. If only so they had an heir, would he do this for her. It did not take him long. He was amused though that Embruixat  was still here, but there was no issue with that here, for him. He'd known the yearling most of his life now, seeing as the colt had been in his lands for as long as he had been.

"Our heir will be feared by many of the others in these lands, as we ourselves are."
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A Match of Greatness(Erosaf)
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