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New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Alexander   Alexander EmptyThu Mar 24 2011, 17:44

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Alexander

Age: 6

Species: Horse

Breed: Altaria

Gender: Male

Description: Alexander is black as midnight, with silvery marks. On his back, they take the shape of small spots, and on his legs, they're stockings. On his sides, they take the form of small splashes of this same color. His wings are black, and the same silver coats the bottom edge of his wings. His head is fine and small, his eyes are silver as well. He's well built, and muscular, and the only apparent flaw in his form are his ears, which are relatively large, though not obscenely so, for which he's somewhat thankful.

Height: 20.7 hh

History: As a colt, Alexander was a bit of a rebel, quick to a fight, and reluctant to leave. Eventually, he learned wiser ways, but the damage had been done. Later, however, he managed to convince others that his old ways were gone, and he'd learned a hard-fought lesson. Shortly thereafter, Raven accepted his invitation to join his herd. After a time of happiness, he chose her as queen, and he was elated when she accepted. Together, they had their daughters, first Bizandra, then Erenda, though Bizandra was older only by a few moments, as the two were twins.

Later, Alexander's friend, Paolino, now an adult, and his own mate, Laranaz came to live with them. They too had young ones, colts, these, and twins as well.

In the shared land, they lived for a happy time, but eventually, they chose to leave, flying for new and unknown places. In time, they came upon freedom's palace, and after many explorations, and plenty of discussions, they chose to try and gain a place in Misty Mountains.

Personality: Wise, intelligent, and cautious, Alexander used to be something of a hothead, before learning several sometimes painful lessons late in his youth. Now, he is gentler, though still an excellent fighter, and unafraid of defending those whom he cares about. He's willing to listen to others, but in the end, he keeps his own council, and uses logic, reason, and the better parts of his heart to judge a situation and the actions which should be taken.

Alexander, while not easily aroused, will fight with a determination that's terrifying, as well as skills and mind to match.

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander   Alexander EmptyThu Mar 24 2011, 18:03

very nice... heheh can't want for Morethirya to meet them.
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