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PostSubject: Rhothilion   Rhothilion EmptyThu Mar 24 2011, 16:27

Name: Rhothilion

Age: 1

Species: Horse

Breed: Altaria

Gender: Stallion

Description: A great blue roan horse with red roan markings. His head is of medium size with a straight nose and keen, alert eyes and pricked ears. His neck has a graceful arch and is long and muscular, while the chest is well developed with a deep girth and sloping shoulders. His back is of medium length and has muscular loins and powerful hindquarters. His legs are strong with large joints and his hooves are well shaped. The wings are massive and are a mixture of blue and chestnut feathers.

Height: 20 hands

History: Rhothilion came with his parents to Freedoms Palace. They are now planning on settling in Misty Mountains. It was there that he met the beautiful bizandra and her sister Erenda. he knows that he has a crush on both sisters, and hopes that one of the will join him when they have grown up and are all leaving the land to make their own family.

Personality: Despite his heritage as a member of the Altaria breed, he has all the characteristics of his breed, kindness, intelligence, courage and willingness, but he is extremely stubborn. he is very close to his twin brother, Bjart.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhothilion   Rhothilion EmptyFri Mar 25 2011, 00:42

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