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PostSubject: Löwe    Löwe  EmptyThu Mar 24 2011, 02:09

Breed: Löwe

Species: Horse

Colours: white, palomino, chestnut, cream, dun. All the colours of the founding pair, Bel Bel and Yarraman, plus their many children to date. May have wings, due to Bel Bel having them, though the wings normally skip every second generation.

Height: 20hands and higher

History: The Löwe are similliar to hellions. The breed is actually another version of the hellion, a more pure of heart kind of horse. Infact, they are so pure of nature, that they are able to exist with only revealing their flames in battle, and no other time, unless to explain what they are to a mare or a stallion who they wish to get to know.
They are certainly as strong as their darker natured cousins, but would never bow down to the strength within them, they seem to alway have more control over themselves.

Habitat: The forest, or the coast, for these seem to be the places where the horses in this family run at the moment. They are well suited to the nature of these places and have no love for the desert. That is the one place they could never live.

Quick Facts: most are wise and gentle creatures, but that does not mean they have a fiery side that is exceptionally fierce. They are sacrificing creatures who live to help those in need. All of them are swift and as silent as the wind in movement.

Getting a pic and link to a character thread soon
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