New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Asellus Borealias

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Name: Asellus Borealias

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Hykran x Poison Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: Asellus is a large female with a pure black bodice. The only indicator that she was ever her mother's daughter are the turquoise orbs that twinkle away in her skull. She is very thin with long pillars and large feet. Thick fur ruffles around her neck and tail, making it seem like she has more muscle than she really does.

Height: 36in

History: Asellus has lived a very lonely life, for her vocal chords were destroyed when she was but a pup. At birth, the umbilical chord was tightly strangled around her neck. Luckily, her mother got it off soon enough to save her from being mentally incapable, but she could never speak. Growing bored, Asellus began to stay in the dark all the time and developed the power to control it. Asellus hates her sister, Ophiuc with all her might, they are polar opposites. When she was a year old, she left without even acknowledging her mother.

Personality: Asellus lives in silence, but she can see and hear everything around her perfectly. Nothing amuses her - at all, not even the futile attempts her sisters and brothers made to communicate with her. She's pretty much emotionless, and she wishes to speak the words again that she has been missing. Asellus knows english very well and several other languages, but she cannot use them. She has tried to speak to the minds of others, and it often works. She can be quite dark, but could go either way as far as alliance goes.

Parents: Aztec and Soul Render

Image (optional): Asellus Borealias  The_Shadow_by_CaptainMorwen
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Asellus Borealias
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