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 Follow These Simple Steps!

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Follow These Simple Steps! Empty
PostSubject: Follow These Simple Steps!   Follow These Simple Steps! EmptyThu Jan 06 2011, 23:53

  • If you know you are not a very practiced speller, make sure you use a program that has spell check. Mozilla Firefox internet browser has a spell check built in. There is also a spell check feature on these boards! It's the button down there, in between "reset" and "preview".
  • If this is the first post in a thread, begin by describing your character! What their body style is like, their gender, color, eye color, etc.
  • After you begin your post, go in to where your character is. Walking somewhere? Standing somewhere? Sitting?
  • What are they thinking about? If they were asked a question, what is their answer? Conversation with another character can be included here.
  • After that, describe what your character sees. The sky above them? The green grass, or dead grass, or even snow.
  • Smell? Are there any odd smells around? This usually only applies with animals but sometimes in highschool role plays, the school can smell funny. Haha.
  • Hear?
  • Go through the five senses. Create a picture of what is in front of your character. Describe the other character that your character is interacting with. This also helps the other RPer know that you are paying attention to his/her's posts.
  • What does your character plan to do next??

So here's a sample, putting all of these steps together.

Quote :
The slender female wolf trotted slowly through the shadows. She was young, so her black pelt had no trace of gray in it yet. Her golden yellow eyes scanned the darkness, a hint of wisdom in them that suggested she had seen more than other wolves of her age have. The scent of water told her that there was a stream ahead, and that was where she was heading. Her thirst was clouding her thoughts, which was a good thing considering she had only been thinking about the death of her father. He had been killed in a raid by a bunch of bachelor male wolves. The rogues had tried to take her mother away from them and her father had fought until the death to protect them both. The female had just narrowly escaped the raid herself.

The black female, named Rika, shook her head ruthlessly, trying without success to clear the thoughts from her head. The stream finally came in to view and Rika felt a slight sense of relief. She lowered her head as she reached the bank and took a few long gulps of the ice cold water. As she raised her head, she noticed the mountains off in the distance. They were merely black smudges in the darkness but she could make out the clear horizon against the sky. A smell hit her nose that for a second she did not recognize but then she realized what it was. Smoke. Which meant there were humans near by. She paused and listened, straining to hear their music that they always seemed to be playing. There it was. That meant they were not far off.

Rika stood, becoming a bit uneasy. Human pets, tame dogs, were not something she wanted to encounter on this peaceful eve. Rika set her mind to move west, away from the two-legged's camps, and hopefully she would bump in to some of her own kind on the way. She was growing rather lonely, this traveling alone. And all this time to think was simply killing her inside and give her one head pain after another.
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Follow These Simple Steps!
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