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Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Alona

Age: 11 months

Species: Wolf

Breed: Artic wolf/Red wolf X Hell hound

Gender: Female

Description: Silvery grey, with silver and black fire. She's small and compact, built for a head on attack with her prey, as opposed to harrying and the chase. She's strong and, though slightly slower than average, she uses her muscle to her advantage, and to make up for what she lacks in speed.

Height: 4.5 hh shoulder height (About 22 in.)

History: Alona grew up with her four older siblings in Vernien En'Seere, as well as with her mother's rather large family, including one of her brothers, a niece, her mother and father, her father's pack, and her aunt.

Considered the baby of the family (with good reason), her older siblings tried protecting her for the first few months of their lives. However, she quickly put those ideas to rest when she held her own against Modetar, after attacking him, having seen that as the only way of proving him wrong.

She heard stories of her cousins and their parents, both from her grandfather and her uncle, and also from Tirona, who knew what they did from firsthand experience.

Now she looks for a chance to find her own place in the world, and considers the wisdom of looking for a mate.

Personality: She's fierce and unafraid, courageous to the point of insanity. She's somewhat foolish at times, and at others, incredibly rash. She's sweet beneath that, and talkative when she finds a good listener. As she put it "I've got plenty to share, so why should I keep it to myself? My parents fight, my uncles and aunts fight, my brothers will fight, and the rest of my family does too. Why should I sit around?" This quote also pretty well sums her up.

Parents: Keiria xXx Shyam

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