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Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Modetar

Age: 11 months

Species: Wolf

Breed: Artic wolf/Red wolf X Hell hound

Gender: Male.

Description: Red and white, with feathery wings, which are brown, a deep reddy brown, and white. His eyes are a light blue, and the tips of his ears are white.

Height: 7hh shoulder height (about 28 in.)

History: Modetar was named after his grandfather, Modet, and grew up in Vernien En'Seere with his four younger siblings, Argen, Tomiko, Sade and Alona, as well as his cousin, Tirona, his uncle Toralon and his pack, Modet's own pack, and Clearwater.

Tirona and he grew close to each other, as they were the oldest pups there, and they and Argen would often be seen playing together.

Modetar himself was protective, both of his younger brother and sisters, and also of his mother, due to the sad fact that she lacked hearing. However, when she left for Alaknanda to search out a mate, he felt it was time for him to leave as well, and for his siblings to find their feet.

Personality: Protective and kind, an able fighter, and a fair hunter. He's used to looking after others, and doesn't really like fighting. He's quiet for the most part, preferring to listen to others, but keep his own council. He's cautious of strange creatures, including unknown wolves and horses, knowing full well that some had powers which he himself didn't, and many used them for ill. He's especially wary of his cousins, Tirona's siblings. While he trusts Tirona entirely, he knows her siblings would kill him and his family in a heart beat.

Parents: Keiria xXx Shyam

Image (optional): Modetar WingedWolfSpriteModetarByKat
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