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PostSubject: Polaris   Polaris EmptyTue Mar 22 2011, 10:08

Name: Polaris

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Hykran x Poison Wolf

Gender: Male

Description: Polaris is a very odd looking male with the oddest of markings upon his bodice that are individual to him. For the most part, he is pure black, but as you move closer to his legs, you will start to get a first glimpse of turquoise. It spirals down all four of his pillars, to his over-sized paws, where he can feel the earth. Polaris' eyes are a lively turquoise hue with intelligence about them. Turquoise lines his eyes, and there are two spots of it on his crown.

Height: 27in

History: Polaris grew up in a small pack of Hykran-Poison Wolf pack with his sisters. Being the only male of the pack, he really had to step up to the job of fighting the fights when he was old enough. He always took care of his sisters and had fairly good powers with the water and poison. Although he wasn't the strongest, he did have both poison and water powers, he is glad to be how he is. Polaris traveled for a while after he left home at ten months of age and has been seeking a mate that doesn't care how he is.

Personality: Polaris is very polite and tries to be a gentleman to everyone he meets. He has never said a cross word to his sisters although he isn't the most charitable. Polaris tries not to fight, and if he does, it's usually a verbal fight instead of a physical one. Since he's not the most physically strong of his siblings, he has to use his good mind to get around instead of his speed or strength. Polaris is a great swimmer and usually hunts fish.

Parents: Aztec and Soul Render

Image (optional): Polaris Atlantis_Wolf_by_Nylak
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