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PostSubject: Twivir   Twivir EmptyTue Mar 22 2011, 09:42

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Twivir

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Artic wolf (part Red wolf) X Poison wolf

Gender: Male.

Description: Twivir is green and brown, with a patchwork like pattern. His eyes are bright, poisonous green. He's compact and muscular, excepting his left, back leg, which is twisted and malformed, skinnier than normal, and missing a couple patches of fur.

Height: 5.5 hh shoulder height (About 22 in.)

History: Twivir grew up in two lands, the gully and Hölle auf Erde. He mostly played with his brothers, and ignored his sisters, excepting Tirona. Unlike his others siblings, who have shown nothing but hate and distrust to their oldest sibling as far as he knows, he wants to learn her side of things. He himself not being entirely sure he likes his father's view on things.

For a while after he reached the age of eight months, he stayed by himself, avoiding his siblings and parents whenever and wherever he could. Instead of staying with them, he wandered throughout Hölle auf Erde, learning the lay of the land, and contemplating things which he knew his parents would laugh at, and his siblings bully him for.

Now he searches for his own home, and possibly a mate.

Personality: He's quiet, tough from the many rough games his brothers would play with him, and tougher still thanks to his defect. Because he lacks the ability to chase his prey, he instead stalks it slowly, and uses the poison in his claws and teeth to kill them before they have a chance to fight. He's more curious than most, and seems somewhat shy. He's more cunning than most, and likes to trick prey into thinking he's simply a dying wolf, so they'll come closer and be easier for him to kill.

Parents: Jalie xXx Soul Render

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