New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Meita

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Arctic wolf (Part Red Wolf) x Poison Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: Meita is golden, with bits of white streaked through her fur. Her eyes are golden, and seem to shine with an unnatural light, as does her fur, and even in the blackest of nights, she shines like a beacon.

Height: 7hh shoulder height (About 28 in.)

History: Meita lived in the Gully for a short time as a pup, with her siblings, before her pack left for Hölle auf Erde. Meita usually spent free time fighting with Loup De La Nuit, one of her sister's, who had power over darkness. Meita herself possessed power of the element of light, and the two were often at each other's throats.

Loup De La Nuit is her least favorite sibling, but Reniflard, a fire wolf, was her favorite. The two got along well, possibly due to the fact that their elements were closer together.

When Tirona, the oldest of her siblings, left, Meita vowed to kill the earth wolf, to please her father. Never one of the better fighters in the family, she's always wanted to impress Soul Render somehow, and she saw Tirona's betrayal as the perfect opportunity.

Now she searches for a mate, one which will please her father, and one which will fight on her side in the coming war.

Personality: Morbidly cheerful, Meita can seem incredibly light and joyful at times, but underneath that she's cunning, dangerous, and incredibly cruel. In part, this is due to her rough first year, but most of it can be attributed to the influence of her parents. She'll often use her sweet, innocent, and harmless appearance to trick people, and later on hurt them however she can. She's not afraid of a fight, and in fact loves it. She'd challenge anyone for the top position in the pack, and doesn't care what most say about her.

Parents: Jalie xXx Soul Render

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