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 Akela Taka

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PostSubject: Akela Taka   Akela Taka EmptySun Mar 20 2011, 16:11

Name: Akela Taka

Age: 9

Species: Wolf

Breed: Grey

Gender: Male

Description: A huge and slender wolf. He has massive wings that are black on the iunderside, white on the upper parts. The right side of his body is completely black, except for a white band around the middle of his tail. A purple scar crosses his right yellow eye. The other side of him is completely white. His left eye is red. There is a black band around each eye.

Height: 5

History: Akela Taka is an odd wolf. No one understands him, thoguh his parents do love him. They cannot understand how he came to be winged thoguh, for their grandparents were winged, so it seems to have skipped two generations. his father Shadow taught him to control the Shadow Element, and his mother taught him to control the wind and water aroudn him. He has mastered these elements.

Personality: Highly intelligent and charasmatic, Strong, kind-hearted, brave, loving, powerful, sometimes overconfident, caring and understanding, freindly.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.
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PostSubject: Re: Akela Taka   Akela Taka EmptyMon Mar 21 2011, 01:19

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Akela Taka
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