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 Réimse Beag

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PostSubject: Réimse Beag   Réimse Beag EmptyTue Mar 15 2011, 18:55

Name: Réimse Beag

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Falabella

Gender: Mare

Description: Reimse is a beautiful fae, so small and petite with her small light sides. She's a bay roan, but her coloring lightens so much that she looks like a gray horse with a bay head. Reimse's pillars darken to bay, and her daggers are cream hued. She has a whipcord of white with an ebony tip. Upon her features, she possesses a blaze.

Height: 4hh

History: Reimse has had a jagged story behind her and hardly likes to speak of things that happened. In truth, her mother and father were rivals, one had taken advantage of the other. She was the result - and surprise, they both wanted her. They both were for different reasons. Her father's tribe followed the rituals of the demons and fire horses, even though they had none of their blood. Mother always followed the ways of the wind horses, the kind ones, although they possessed not a bit of talent for the elements. Reimse actually studied both in her time with both her mother and father. Even though they had no talents, she had one. She was born so small that she could sneak through any crevice and retrieve information, making her an expert spy. Anyone would want her on their team. Worse thing is, with her being so neutral - she could go either way. To the way of good or to the way of evil. When she became two years of age, she noticed her mother becoming more distant with her. They had been using her disability, the short height to their advantage of gaining information. Reimse ran away, never to return to the valley that she called home and came to a place called Alaknanda. There, she saw a vision of one that would understand her, fully.

Personality: Reimse is neutral, and that is much the only word that will describe her. Naturally, she is blunt and will tell you to back off or that she thinks you're a coward. She doesn't like dealing with others and actually avoids conflict or conversation. Reimse isn't very good with words and speaks in deep, emotionless tones that only show her callous heart. She minds her own business and won't get involved with something unless it's directly involving her. Reimse doesn't fight, she just doesn't. She will ignore you like a master before she will pick an argument. If she's threatened, she will still stay in silence, only striking once - to kill. Reimse is a master of the elements, even though she only holds their knowledge instead of their power. Her mind is aged with wisdom, yet it is still sharp. She can tell when you're lying, when you're actually asleep, and she is remarkably intuitive when it comes to the world. Reimse comes off as harsh sometimes, but there is kindness in her heart, somewhere.

Image (optional): Réimse Beag Fleeting_Moment_by_AshtonPony
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Réimse Beag
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