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 Abandoned Fortune [Fortuna]

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Abandoned Fortune [Fortuna] Empty
PostSubject: Abandoned Fortune [Fortuna]   Abandoned Fortune [Fortuna] EmptyTue Mar 15 2011, 03:08

Name: Fortuna

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: American Paint Horse

Gender: Stallion

Description: see picture, though he seems to be permanently too skinny to be healthy

Height: 3 hands

History: A horse with a past that is rather sad. He always was not looked after by anyone who knew be they man or horse. He was always considered a worthless runt, even with his bright patterning. From the coal mines to being left in a stall without food and water for days, he had never seen kindness.

Personality: I don't know what to say about myself. I'm very quiet, I barely ever talk, when I do there is no emotion to hear from the words. I've never known anything but brutality, and that has made me very nervous and unwilling. I need someone to protect me, and teach me to see things that are different to what I know. I may not trust you at first, but give me time, and I will.

Image (optional):
Abandoned Fortune [Fortuna] Fortuna_by_erosaf-d38rgja
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Abandoned Fortune [Fortuna]
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