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Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Honoré-Aurore

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion X Hellion

Gender: Stallion

Description: Pure black is Honoré-Aurore's coat, excepting bright red scars that shine like hot embers, mementos of his sire's brutal beatings. Red eyes shine out from his face, and his hooves are like red hot metal. Black wings, their tips fringed with red lay smoothly on his back, and a fine, small head is held high.

Height: 20.2 hh

History: Born to Dominique-Aimé and Demetrius, Honoré-Aurore's first year in the world was hard, for he was constantly having to watch his young mother brutally beaten and abused by his father. Likewise, he was punished cruelly for the slightest hint of anything other than cruelty. He was constantly on his guard against the wolves of the gully as well, and fighting, running, and hurt were the rules of the day at all times.

However, not everything was bad. His mother was able to teach him the tricks she had learned from her own mother, and they helped him immensely. The life of a spy didn't quite suite him as well as it had suited his mother, but the talent for it was handed down to him in full, as well as wit and strength.

After Demetrius died, Honoré-Aurore wandered for a time, leaving his mother. She, he knew, would seek out more pain, something which he didn't care to experience again for a while yet.

When he reached maturity, he chose to set out and find ones to make up his own herd, vowing to remember what his father had been, and determined not to emulate him.

Personality: Cunning and witty, Honoré-Aurore would have all the makings of an excellent spy. However, instead of focusing his talents there, as both his mother and her mother before had, he chose to focus them on protection and battle. An excellent fighter, thanks to his year and a half in Danger Gully, Honoré-Aurore is already battle seasoned. Beneath this, he's humorous and a bit blunt at times, but with the ability to be tactful and serious at a moment's notice.

Parents: Dominique-Aimé X Demetrius
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