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Name: Rogue.

Age: Less than one year.

Species: Horse.

Breed: Hellion x Dire Unicorn

Gender: Mare.

Description: Blood red pelt with black mane, tail, and eyes. A tall, swirled horn protrudes from her forehead, colored maroon and black. Chains seem to grow from her skin due to an accident when she was younger. Her mane and tail are very long and thick, her mane falling nearly to the ground. She is beautiful in a dangerous way.

Height: 20 hh and growing.

History: The product of two extremely powerful horses, Rogue was born to Armada, a once great hellion queen that had fallen to her father, Frenzy. Armada raised Rogue telling her that her sire was an unmentionable fool, and never revealed his name. Rogue could feel it inside her, the darkness, growing stronger to fight it's way out of her. The red filly didn't mind it, she liked the feeling of power she felt running through her veins. But Armada saw it in her and it made her angry. She had not wanted a foal by that fool, yet here was one at her side anyways.

Armada crafted a plan. Rogue was growing quickly, reaching the size of a yearling in only a month's time. She led her daughter, though she fought her about it the entire way, in the direction of a human camp. What human could resist a red mare, walking through the woods? And they tried to capture her daughter. It was a horrendous thing, but Armada was nearly pleased when they threw metal chains around her daughter. She turned and left, leaving Rogue there to become a slave to the two-legs.

About a month later, Armada was alone, and she was suddenly approached by a mare nearly her size, whos pelt was bright red and her eyes were blacker than sin. Chains seemed to molded to her flesh. Rogue told her mother about the horrible story, how the humans held her down with chains because she was too strong for them. Since she grew so rapidly, they never had chance to release her before the chains cut in to her flesh. Her skin healed around the chains, and now they are forever embedded in her body.

Rogue swore off her mother, saying she was soft-hearted and air-headed. It was time to find her father, or someone of equal power to help her in her reach for the top.

Personality: Rogue is a loner. She doesn't say much. When she does, it's very snide and sarcastic. No one is worth her time as far as she is concerned and no one ever will be, except her father, if she ever finds him. Her hatred towards humans has been turned in to a hatred of all things. Animals look at her oddly for her chains in her skin, and she has killed many who have made a comment about it, whether it was directly to her or not. She is not self conscious, but she wants all to know that her time with humans made her stronger, much stronger.

Parents: Frenzy and Armada.

Image (optional):
Rogue BloodRedSnowUnicorn-2

definitely made that picture, but the original was on google, please don't steal.
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