New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Sirhaan   Sirhaan EmptyMon Mar 07 2011, 02:26

Username: Kanchana

Preferred method of contact: PM, Email


Name: Sirhaan

Age: 3

Species: Wolf

Breed: Grey Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: Refer to Pic

Height: 3

History: The oldest pup of Mactíre And Modet from a litter of 11, he/she has always followed he/she’s mother around until she finally meets the love of her life, Sparx and his daughter Keya.

Personality: Not at all the leader, she is often more so the follower. She likes to follow herself, planning ahead and has to have everything go to plan. A little OCD maybe? She is always asking questions and easily gets annoyed if she doesn't get the correct answer.

Parents: Mactíre And Modet

Image (optional): Sirhaan Wolf___white_chalk_study_by_m_thirteen-d31l8bl
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