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 Kadzait (Kad)

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PostSubject: Kadzait (Kad)   Kadzait (Kad) EmptyMon Mar 07 2011, 02:09

Username: Kanchana

Preferred method of contact: PM, Email


Name: Kadzait

Age: 3

Species: Wolf

Breed: Grey Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: Small, despite her personality, she a little fire rocket. Unlike her other siblings, she is a pitch black with innocent blue orbs. She often surprises others, at least those who try and attack 'weaker' pray when she fights back. With this one, her bite is worse then her bark.

Height: 3

History: The 5th oldest pup of Mactíre And Modet from a litter of 11, she has always followed her mother around until she finally meets the love of her life, Sparx and his daughter Keya.

Personality: 'spunky', defensive, protective, strong, hates weaknesses, lone wolf. Prefers to be alone, to get things done, but she has always followed her family from a distance. She needs someone who understands her, willing to do things her way and try and win her heart. She is a little 'fire rocket', say the wrong thing, insult the wrong person and you shall get hell.

Parents: Mactíre And Modet

Image (optional): Kadzait (Kad) Blue_from_Wolf__s_Rain_by_BlackMysticA
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Kadzait (Kad)
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