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 Amelinda *Of the Spirit*

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PostSubject: Amelinda *Of the Spirit*   Amelinda *Of the Spirit* EmptySat Mar 05 2011, 01:13

Username: Kanchana

Preferred method of contact: PM, Email


Name: Amelinda (Ame, Linda)

Age: 18 Months

Species: Wolf

Breed: Grey Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: Flecks of white, grey and black littler her thin bodice. Large ears often stand tall on the tip of her head, turning and listening to her surrondings.
Eyes of deep brown pools often show amusement and sparkle with ideas, plans and hope for the furture. She is small for a she-wolf but maybe still grow as she is quiet young.

Height: 3

History: Amelinda has always believed in hope. Though times both tough and easy, she has always looked for the light in others. Her history though, has not always made this easy. Her father had been one of the toughest forcers around, stealing her mother from a home and causing her to die from a broken heart quickly after the birth of her two pups. Amelinda was the only surviver.
After being left by her father, she struggled though the lands and using her spirit abilty to teach her ways of hunting and suriving the wild.

Personality: She is a little odd, having rarely spoken with others of her kind. She does talk to her friend, the spirits and sees it as the natural part of life. She does not understand that no one else can see her friends.

Image (optional): Amelinda *Of the Spirit* Ffcc463824e797e56f2d-1
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Amelinda *Of the Spirit*
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